Delivering freshness as nature intended

Our History

Started in September 2006 Malik Brothers Group achieved many milestones over these years

Malik Brothers Pvt Ltd. is a Private limited company. We are a Controlled Atmospheric (CA) storage for fruits and vegetables, the first of its kind in Pakistan. We came into production in September  2006. CA is used worldwide to enhance the storage life of high-end fruits, vegetables, and other food items. By using this technology the shelf life, quality, taste, and aroma of the food items do not change. This is achieved by using automatically controlled atmospheric conditions, without using any additives/preservatives.

Our Vision

Delivering Freshness as nature intended

Our Mission

We contribute towards the agricultural sector by adding value, reducing & improving post-harvest losses. Providing high-quality fresh, nutritious, hygienic fruits & vegetables always. We aim to build an organization around a consumer and performance-based culture where individuals work together as a team to insert their passion and creativity as the heart of Malik Brothers.

Our Philosophy

  • Develop the Un-developed – Potential Markets & their Framework.
  • Explore the Un-explored – Innovative Agri Products & Packaging.
  • Manage the Un-managed – Post-harvest Losses, Supply Chain & Grower’s Well-being


  • The customer is always right.
  • We shall provide value to the customer & never cheat.
  • People are our greatest assets.
  • We shall never compromise on quality.
  • We shall continually improve.